Jyväskylässä 14.-17.10.

Jyväskylässä 14.-17.10.


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Koulukinossa syksyllä

Koulukinossa syksyllä


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Keski-Suomen elokuvakeskus ry

Kaipaatko elämääsi elokuvia? Meiltä niitä löytyy. Olemme keskisuomalaisten oma elokuvayhteisö, joka toimii monipuolisen elokuvakulttuurin puolesta. Tervetuloa mukaan tuottamaan ja kokemaan elokuvaelämyksiä.

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The Film Centre of Central Finland (Keski-Suomen Elokuvakeskus ry, KSEK) is a cultural association established in the year 2000. It operates in the area of Central Finland and has its office located in Jyväskylä. The goal of the association is to improve and contribute to the field of cinema and other audio-visual culture by arranging information services, education and film pedagogic activities. Supplying different types of public events from screenings to lectures are the association’s main principles. The association aims to be a link between film-makers, promoters, filmgoers and researchers.

KSEK's film screening present diversified, international cinema. The spectators have an exceptional chance to enjoy quality films that might be difficult to see otherwise. The scale of films shown covers both famous directors and more uncommon names, ranging from a variety of countries to different eras of cinema’s history.

Other activities of KSEK: The Film Centre of Central Finland takes actively part in the education of children’s audio-visual media skills. School cinema (Koulukino, www.koulukino.fi) offers the pupils – and equally their teachers - a possibility to see films projected on a big screen and talk through their viewing experiences. In the travelling animation workshop (Kiertävä animaatiopaja) school kids get positive feelings and learn the basics about the process of filmmaking through their own action. KSEK also brings cinema to the counties with, for example, the touring theatre Kino Metso (Kiertueteatteri Kino Metso) which offers film events throughout towns of Central Finland. We also rent out film projection equipment so contact us if you got an idea for a film event you want to organize.


Address: Piippukatu 7 A 2, 40100 Jyväskylä
Manager: Kaisu Tapaninen
E-mail: elokuvakeskus(at)ksek.fi
Phone: +358 44 550 2582 (Mon-Fri 10-16)

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